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"Invested in the peace and prosperity of our local community"

Seeking the peace and prosperity of our local communities”   The Real Estate Project is an organic residential real estate brokerage created to raise capital and awareness for local non-profit organizations and charities. Our philanthropic business model is designed to leverage the real estate industry for charitable contributions allowing us to be invested in the peace and prosperity of the local people. We provide the same great services that any excellent real estate brokerage can provide, but we go one step further and donate 25% of our earned commissions back into the surrounding communities in which you live, work, and play while always donating in the honor of those we help.  Our clients play an important role in the process because without them we can’t do what we love to do...…give!  The Real Estate Project is dedicated to producing an atmosphere of change and social entrepreneurship within the real estate world. We believe it is the responsibility of all business owners to find creative ways to invest their time, energy, and money in service to their local towns and communities.  We encourage all those involved within a real estate transaction to give!
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