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Overall, the weather in North Texas is pretty much what you'd expect.  Summers can be hot and winters can be cold, but we do get the change of seasons with the Fall season being my most favorite time of the year in our area.  In general, winters are mild and summers are hot, but but we don't really experience much humidity in our area compared to our friends down in Houston.

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What's the weather like 
in North Texas?

North Texas Weather

Highest Chance of Rain

May & October

Average Summer Temperatures

85-90 Degrees

Average Winter Temperatures

45-55 Degrees

Fast Weather Facts

Summers can be hot with the possibility of several 100-degree days in a row.  

July and August are the hottest months of the year

December, January, and February are the coldest, but it's not uncommon to experience some 65-70 degree temperatures during these months as well.

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Interesting Weather Facts

No Jacket Required:  In the summer it doesn't cool off much at night.  Our summer nights can be just as warm as the days. Typically you have no need for a light jacket or hoodie on summer nights.
Crazy Temperature Changes:  In the winter we can have a full season of temperatures in just one week. Occasionally we will have chances of snow one day and 65-70 degree weather a few days joke!
Lots of Sun:  The sun shines most days in North Texas with an average of 232 days a year
Snow?:  It can snow, although it's not common and it doesn't hang around for long, but in Texas you never know.
Ice:  We do get ice on the roads occasionally but the roadway crews are great about making sure the roads are safe to drive on.

Blake and Jessie Reynolds

Residents of McKinney                                                                                                                              


Any more questions about what it's like here in DFW? 
Feel free to reach out anytime!

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