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Buying or selling a home in North Texas
can be a lot easier than you think

The Real Estate Project_Full Color on Wh
Serving Buyers & Sellers
in DFW since 2010
(214) 578-8665
BEST 2016-24

What You Can Expect

Meet to discuss your goals and give you a chance to ask as many questions as you’d like. I love to educate my clients, so ask away.

Agree on the strategy that works best for you and your situation. You will never feel pressure from me....when you're ready, I'm ready.

Stay in frequent communication throughout so you understand where you are in the process. To us this is a relationship not a transaction.









Are these some of your questions & concerns?

Do I have enough money to purchase a home? What are my closing costs?

How does my agent get paid? Do I have to come up with their fee?

What is an FHA loan?  What is a conventional loan? What's better?

I've never done this before. What is the first step in this whole process?

When will my first mortgage payment be? When should I terminate my lease?

Is this a good time to buy a house? Is this a good house to buy?

How will I know I bought a good home? Can I sell this home in the future?

Does this company know the market? Will they pressure me into a home I don't want?

Proud To Have Worked With GREAT Clients From 



Clients Turned Friends

Simply the best!!!!!!!

JT and his team walk with you all the way from our initial meeting straight through closing. They have patience and guide you through the sale. I love how they pour back into the community- their generosity is contagious. JT and his team are truly special and I  wholeheartedly recommend them. We had so much traffic and sold the house quickly at the price JT said in our first meeting. 5 stars PLUS love everything about The Real Estate Project!!!!

Mike & Christina Tirone

- Zillow Review

The Real Estate Project_Full Color on Wh


Be Available  This is our full time job so we are available to show homes at most times of the week and weekend. 
Respond Quickly   It's our practice to stay on top of our communication and make sure your questions and concerns are being answered ASAP.
Honest Opinion   If there is something that you're not seeing or we think might lead to difficulty selling  your house someday we will point it out and explain why.
Start to Finish  We promise to guide you through the entire process of buying a home all the way to the closing table. 
Non-Binding  Although we've never had a customer leave us because of our services, we do not force our buyers to sign any agreements. If you're not satisfied with our services you can move on and we will part friends.
Full Disclosure  We share all information with you that can better help you understand what is going on and where you are in the process.
Full Access  Our people are your people!  If there is a professional that we can connect you with that will provide great service we will guide you in the right direction.
Relational  We promise to treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.  We love that you are a part of our community and look forward to getting to know you.

$615,606 Donated Back Into The Local Community

Discover how The Real Estate Project serves the greater good of DFW

"We came to realize he's the kind of guy who keeps his word and goes out of his way to make sure we're taken care of."                                                        -Logan and Ashley Bennett

                                                                 Residents of Dallas


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