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In 2014, to better serve our efforts of donating to several local non-profits, The Real Estate Project opened up a donor advised fund through the Nation Christian Foundation (NCF)  The integrity of our mission to serve the greater good of our community is of upmost importance to our organization.  The giving fund allows us to use a third party to verify our giving as well as protect the heart and soul of the type of non-profits that we will give to.   


An NCF Giving Fund® with the National Christian Foundation (NCF) is an easy-to-establish, low-cost, flexible account for charitable giving that is a popular alternative to creating a private foundation. Also known as a donor-advised fund, it’s the fastest growing charitable vehicle in America today.


To learn more about the National Christian Foundation and donor advised funds please click here.


*please note, due to various reasons, some of our charitable contributions are done ouside of the Giving Fund at the discretion of The Real Estate Project and it's owners.



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